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Education and understanding

That's what's missing from the American conversation around the world's most popular flavored beverage. To fill that gap, I've traveled to China, Japan, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka in search of wisdom and experience straight from the source. My reporting on mysterious pu-erh brokers and Taiwan's trending oolong trail have become heavily referenced documents in and out of the tea business. 

I'm also the author of some popular 101 and 201 guides for beginners, including a series of general introductions, sourcing recommendations, and brewing tips. I've commented on the culture—and business—of tea on Splendid Table, NPR's The Salt, and the San Francisco Chronicle, and have given talks and demos at industry conferences and New York's top tea houses.

Below is a mini-doc I directed and scripted to give you a peek behind the scenes of the tea world at its source. (We cut out all the moonshine though.)