New York food and restaurant writer
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Editorial Services

Branded Content

I've pitched, planned, and executed dozens of successful editorial programs with consumer-facing brands, especially in the food and travel space. What's that actually mean? Writing and assigning stories that align with a brand's mission, running social media campaigns that engage the right audience, and producing high-performing video that brings a story to life. If you or a brand you love are looking to create a rich, authentic experience, get in touch.

Editorial Strategy

Whether you're simply looking for a copywriter or want to develop a whole editorial project, I probably have Opinions about how to do it. And I back them up with over five years of top-level editorial experience and a knack for breaking traffic records and catching the right eyes. In addition to writing and editing, I consult on brand voice, SEO, web design, social media, and email marketing. I also work with a large stable of freelance writers, video shooters, and event workers around the world to help you tell your story wherever you are.

Video Production

I hire teams, direct, shoot footage, and do voice-over for video, particularly with social platforms in mind. And I do it on a tight budget. That includes video strategy that's broken the million-view mark more than a few times. Here are two favorites that I wrote and directed.