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What I Do


Food nerd for hire

I'm a writer with a focus on food, restaurants, and travel in my hometown of New York City and around the world. As the executive digital editor of Saveur, I oversaw the brand's online, social, and video channels while translating a bimonthly magazine into an immersive digital experience. Before that I was the senior features editor at Serious Eats, where I covered restaurants, arcane spices, the science of ice cream, and the economics of a bagel with cream cheese. Sometimes I run into people following neighborhood guides I wrote for the site. Say hi. Or say hi afterward on the internet.

These days my beats include emerging foodways through immigration and demographic shifts; the intersection of food and culture all over, but especially Asia; food science and technology; and weird aspects of culinary history. I still write a lot about ice cream, and I'm a well-respected authority on traditional tea cultures and their evolution in the West. 

I'm also a content strategist with over eight years of experience in the food media space, with a proven track record for creating authentic and engaging editorial experiences with lean resources and leaner budgets. I've built content calendars, social media plans, and video programs, and managed large stables of freelancers while mentoring full-time staff. I've pitched, won, mapped out, and executed dozens of successful sponsored content campaigns for brands. There's more details on all of this in the editorial services section.

Sometimes I do private orders of ice cream for special events. And I wrote a cookbook with Helen You called Dumpling Galaxy that will teach you how to make dumplings from scratch. The fish and chive are my favorite.

Oh, and all photos on this site are shot by me. I do that too.