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Ice Cream

Ice Cream


I make a lot of it

Ice cream is science disguised as magic. I help people understand how it works.

I've published recipes for over 100 original flavors; favorites include saffron-orange, black sesame with citrus, and an eerily on-point ersatz Snickers. I've also compiled a digital cookbook of ice cream technique that covers almost anything a home cook would want to know about ice cream, from the science of spinning sorbet to reverse-engineering Midwestern frozen custard to an impassioned case for why ice cream stabilizers are less evil than you think.

My work has been featured on Food52, The Kitchn, BoingBoing, and elsewhere, and I'm available for stories as a reporter or source. If you're a reader and have any ice cream questions, I'm happy to help.

I also do commissions and private orders in New York City. Get in touch for details and rates.